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The Large Black Hog is a heritage animal that is listed as critically endangered by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. This easy to raise, hardy animal is a great match for pastured pork enthusiasts of today's farming community.  Their excellent grazing habits, their docile temperament and having a reputation for excellent taste are just a few of the top qualities found in the Large Black hogs.  Our pigs have proven to be respectful of fencing and very gentle with us, our children and other animals.  They are also superb mothers to their young.  We have seen excellent mothering skills as well as ample milk supply from our sows.  We have found that the Large Blacks are productive in the rough winter pastures, grazing the hardwoods and fallen acorns of autumn or in the abundant pastures of summer.  The black skin of this breed provides sunburn protection and allows them to thrive in open pastures.  We have found the Large Black hogs to be ideal for small, sustainable-minded farmers like us.




Pastured Pork
What do our Large Black Hogs consume?  Our pastures consist of nutrient rich red clover, Max Q fescue, bermuda grass and orchard grass.  We operate on pasture rotations to allow the animals to consume as much fresh green growth as possible.  In the fall, the hogs will graze our hardwoods to feed from the fallen acorns as well as winter grass in the pasture.  Although the majority of their diet is provided by grazing in the pasture, we do supplement with high fiber corn and soy... always hormone, antibiotic and steroid free.  While the hogs are young, they eat an 18% protein ration twice daily.  Then, when they are about 5 months old and our pastures are nicely supporting them, we supplement with feed only every other day.  They are currently consuming a 15 % protein ration.  For worming purposes, we use diatomaceous earth, a natural compound.

The Large Black hog truly excels on pasture and unlike other heritage breeds they do not “root” large holes.  We do not use nose rings for our hogs and they are happy to graze the tops of the pasture.  Rooting is minimal and is usually limited to low-lying or rain soaked areas of the pasture where the pigs enjoy grubs or earth worms.

Studies have shown that meat raised on pasture is richer in essential vitamins and oils.  Even lard from a pastured hog proves healthier than store bought, hydrogenated oils.  The heritage Large Black Hog is a naturally grazing pig that excels in a pasture environment.  Esteemed by chefs for its moist, tender and well-marbled texture, the Large Black pork is likely the best you will ever taste. You may place an order for a whole or half hog or when available purchase individual cuts of pork.  Please see our products page for a price list.

Breeding Stock



Our Stock
We currently have the following bloodlines for our breeding stock:

Noble Sam


Breeding stock available on a limited basis.  Please contact us to secure your stock.


Noble Sam / Prudence     

Majestic / Matilda                

Majestic/ Prudence